L'Ostello Alpino è chiuso per la stagione invernale. Ci rivediamo a Maggio con tante novità !
We remain close for this winter season. See you in May with lots of news !
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The ideal starting point for your adventures

Every self-respecting adventure must have its own base camp.

It is the starting point and the point of arrival. It is the place all climbers pass in order to approach climbing the highest peak. The one you come back to with a story to tell, an emotion, an extra wrinkle on your face.

Our base camp is a hostel in the middle of the Alps.

A place where sharing is the foundation of hospitality. Where passions are at the center of life. Whether you are cycling to conquer the most famous alpine passes, walking up the AltaValtellina™ trails or simply relaxing in the thermal waters after a day of skiing, the important thing is to come back with a story to tell, with another adventure under your belt, certain to find someone to share your experience with and, why not, make new ones together.

Kultur Alpino 2019

For info and inscriptions write to info@ostelloalpino.com or call us at 0342 902712

Bormio Alta Valtellina, Sondrio. 1.225m metres above sea level

The Bormio countryside, also known as the “magnificent land”, is a large open valley immersed in the Stelvio National Park, whose particular climate favors sporting activities in the area both in the summer and in the winter.

The area is also famous for its thermal waters, well-known since Roman times, making it an ideal destination for vacations full of relaxation, wellness, and culture.