L'Ostello Alpino è chiuso per la stagione invernale. Ci rivediamo a Maggio con tante novità !
We remain close for this winter season. See you in May with lots of news !
Aperitivo intorno al fuoco
tutte le sere alle 17.30
Tel : 0342 902712



The Restaurant will not open this summer.

Our Beer Garden it's open every day . Come to join us!!

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Bring your frinds

The hostel's garden is obviously open to everyone and is also accessible from the pedestrian path "valtellina path" along the Adda river.

Drinks under the stars

During the summer you can chill outside, under a cascade of stars and lights, surrounded by the trees in our garden.

Day time

Chill in the sun all day at the Ostello Alpino in our beautiful garden, or have a sweet snack after a long trekking!

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